About Parpetsy Neuro-log

In a famous experiment, repeated in many variations since, a handful of kittens’ eyes were covered, and the seeing parts of their little brains withered. Experience is a food that is passed in a bucket line upstream to our hungry minds. Who is to say how many blind kittens we carry inside, what covers have yet to be stripped away? One never knows where the blind spot is. Life is awakening, finding connection, continuities.

A nice thing about working with children is working with families, witnessing the many ways they belong to each other, child to parent, parent to child. The child’s sense of belonging can be an infectious thing, and may also flow upstream. My work in pediatric neurology is as much about identifying continuities as it is about finding the lesion, locating, and treating, if possible, the rent in the fabric that supports that miraculous knowledge of being alive.

A true account of this clinical journey requires a certain amount of rudeness to prior assumptions–my own, likely others’. I’ve therefore captioned this log with Kingsley Amos–“if you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in writing.”


2 thoughts on “About Parpetsy Neuro-log

  1. Hi Peter– How long will you be in Yerevan? My sister and family are going to be in Yerevan in June (I don’t know dates). If you are all there at the same time maybe you could meet?


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